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Eco Tours

Ibiza Vegan is organizing Eco Tours to discover the natural  ‘other side’ of Ibiza. Get to know island locals and let them inspire you with their knowledge on how to live in a more conscious and sustainable way. Apply now for a unique, custom-tailored experience on the white island.


Looking for a more quiet and peaceful hideout to relax and recharge your batteries? Let us provide you with some options away from the major tourist destinations and with some excellent alternative program.

Hire a Vegan Chef

A unique service that brings the restaurant to you, combining healthy and nutritious, restaurant quality, food with a personal chef service designed to be affordable and accessible.

Specialised in vegan cuisine, the chefs and catering services we recommend are taking all your dietary
requirements into account.

Zero Waste Shop

In an effort to reduce plastic waste and pollution, Ibiza Vegan is distributing a range of award-winning, low carbon, catering disposables made from renewable and recycled (plant) materials, which all can be recycled along with food waste.

100% safe to use and 100% compostable.