Food carton 1.300ml
(300 pc.)


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Practical, yet elegant in design, our food cartons are the eco-chic container for takeaway foods. The 1300ml food carton is great for stews and curries.

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Case count: 300
Items per pack: 300
Packs per case: 1

Case length (m) : 0.600
Case width (m): 0.400
Case depth (m): 0.540
Case volume (m3): 0.13
1.7m pallet count: 10 cases
2.1m pallet count: 15 cases
EAN number: 5060271920624

NW (kg) 9.600
GW (kg) 10.800
Outer packing weight (kg): 1.100
Inner packing weight (kg): 0.100
Packs weight (kg): 9.600
Min temp (°C): 0
Max temp (°C): 160

Widely accepted for food waste recyclingSustainably sourcedRenewable resources

Additional information

Weight 10800 g
Dimensions 600 x 400 x 540 mm